Hello friends!

What?!?! You wouldn’t say we are friends?  Well, maybe not yet, but my goal with this here website is to find out who you are and for you to find out who I am, so don’t count me out yet 😉

I live in Tacoma, Washington which is in the Pacific Northwest which I have come to believe is pretty much the best place in the United States to live seeing as we have Mountains, Rain Forests, a Large Body of Water and really just various over the top sorts of views.  It is true that we have a significant amount of rain (or at least drizzly rainy type weather) during the late fall, winter and also in the spring, but if we didn’t, the population would likely skyrocket and it wouldn’t be quite so awesome anymore.  I hope you enjoy this site and find it useful. I am a Wellness Advocate with DoTerra Essential Oils and part of my goal is to share ideas of how to use and make the most out of essential oils! I also like to tell people about new things I find that I love, so there is a good chance you will see some things like that on here as well 🙂