Why I was ready to hate DoTerra

Never before have I been truly interested in a multi-level marketing company as a business opportunity. Sales? HATE it! Pyramid scheme? NO THANK YOU! Then I found DoTerra.

I first became interested in DoTerra essential oils when a friend offhandedly mentioned that whenever she starts to feel like she might get sick, she immediately uses her “On Gaurd”.  I had no idea what she was talking about so I started asking questions.  Turns out she was referring to an essential oil blend that DoTerra makes.  I decided to order some and give it a try, along with another interesting blend called “Breathe”.  It sounded like a good idea so I added that to my order.  I received my oils and promptly stored them in my cabinet and forgot about them.  Fast forward to a day when my husband was experiencing an incapacitating headache and I started looking for natural remedies and found out that Peppermint Oil and Basil Oil have both been reported to ease symptoms of head pressure.  I knew I didn’t have either of those but I remembered those two little bottles I had stored away in the cabinet and so I went and pulled them out and was excited to discover that the Breathe blend actually contained a fair amount of peppermint!  I got it out and doused my husband with it and neither of us had much of an expectation, but when I left and came back towards the room a little while later, I was almost knocked over by the aroma of Breathe.  Apparently it had helped; my husband reapplied, then reapplied again, and clearly he was of the mindset that a little does NOT go a long way; a LOT goes much further.

That was the start of my obsession with DoTerra’s 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and my growing collection of diffusers, oils and accessories. As my stock of oils grew, I started to learn about the various uses each oil has and I became even more passionate.  Then I took an even bigger step into the unknown when I decided that since I kept sharing the oils with my friends, I might as well start paying attention to the idea of the business (that I had adamantly denied any interest in) and see what it was all about.  Since I was naturally sharing oils (with excitement) anyway, I realized that it wouldn’t be so bad to make some money.  I had to do a little work to tear down my own prejudice against the idea of MLM’s and realize that since I am the kind of person that is always going to share when I find things that I LOVE, it really just makes sense! Maybe MLM companies aren’t evil. Maybe they are just smart, letting people who know and love the product tell other people about why they love it!


It isn’t my goal to force someone into buying something they don’t need or want, but it is my goal to help people better understand what essential oils are and what they have been used for, for centuries! My focus isn’t sales as much as it is education.  If you are looking for natural solutions for any number of things, DoTerra is a great place to start. Each oil is ethically sourced from the area where the plant is indigenously found, then 3rd party tested for purity, and I can say with confidence that you won’t find better oils. You can order as a retail customer, you can become a wholesale customer for a small yearly fee, or you can jump straight in and become a Wellness Advocate and start building a business (for the same small yearly fee but with the ability to earn commissions)!

For Retail Orders, go here: http://mydoterra.com/easeofessentials

To become a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate, contact me for further information!