The Vortex

One day, while attempting to restore order to the chaos of my life and searching for another missing piece of a puzzle and a missing piece of a toy, I finally accepted the fact that there is a toy vortex that sucks up these tiny pieces and holds them captive until the searching mother or father has gone mad with said searching, only to spit them out in plain view about a month or two later. Why must I waste so much time searching when clearly this will continue to be the result? Yes, I do seem to be drawn to beat my head against the same wall over and over again. Maddening frustration and wasted energy, I drive myself there frequently!  I have a drive to make life “easier” somehow, yet I continually choose to wander around in circles, racking my brain for the solution that will never come in this manner. If I allow my brain to go in a different direction for even a short time, typically the answer will show up a lot faster.

A perfect example; the Lego tire.

Someone gave my then almost two year daughter a little space rover Lego vehicle that included 4 wheels with 4 rubber tires. She loved taking it apart and putting things back in various places on the rover.  So of course, after a couple weeks, one of the little tires was gone. Vanished completely. This resulted in a full house search on my part to attempt to uncover the whereabouts of this tiny piece. During the search I did manage to find various other missing toy pieces, but the tire was gone. I began to wonder if it had been swallowed and had gone unnoticed through the usual “channels” and made it’s way to the dump.  I would let it go for a few days and then renew my efforts with vigor. Unfortunately, my efforts were fruitless.  Then, one day when I was helping my daughter get dressed, I noticed a strange shape in her sock that we had just put on.  I couldn’t figure out what it was, but I took the sock back off, and of course – there it was!  The tire had finally been found!  I have no idea how it got in there, but I am sure my daughter was involved.  In the end, I was pretty impressed that she was able to get the tire into her sock and from there, the sock made it through the wash and the folding process unnoticed.

Anyway, score stands at Mama: 1, Toy Vortex: 999. (The toys unearthed during the great Lego Tire Search of 2016 are not being counted as wins since this mama hadn’t noticed they were even missing!)







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